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  ​By enrolling through the Streamline Credit Consultants sponsored profile all your processing fees are waived on your deposit to open your Credit Builder Card! 

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Ways to get out of debt

1. Creating a budget plan

2. Living within your budget

3. Understanding how to stay on track

4. Paying your bills on time

5. Understanding credit

6. Understanding the debt to income ratio

7. Understanding credit utilization

8. Fixing credit errors

9. Staying away from high interest credit cards

10. Paying down existing debt

11. Paying cash oppose in using credit

Your rights, Bad Credit and Pricing

Know your rights

 Congress has provided us with a legal forum to rectify our civil liberties.We have laws that protect us from unverifiable information being place on our credit reports. FCRA, FCBA and FDCPA and orther agencies  protect consumer rights. We take pride in our credit repair services.

Bad Credit In America

Many Americans have been face with credit problems.. Somethings are inevitable conditions like health, loss of job, unemployment. Statistics deem that three out five people in America have credit issues are credit errors on their report.We advise all clients to atleast check  their  credit report three times a year. Every four months one report from each bureau.


We have unlimited consultation for our clients our highly-trained credit consultants ensures that you are equipped with all the appropriate information as needed.

 We have two packages to select from.

 (#1)  "Basic" package for $39.99 per month for a minimum of  180 days. We do all the work on your behalf. These fees cover the cost of  all corresponding to the credit bureau. You have online access 24-hours a day to your account to check your status and credit report from all three bureaus. You will be bill after completion.


(#2) "Standard Package" Credit Consulting, Repair and Monitoring Package $64.99 per month for a maximum 180 days for credit repair. We consult with you doing the repair process assisting you on ways to increase your credit score.Showing you strategic methods that works to increase your score. We send all letters on your behalf. We have seen results in two to three weeks.You will be bill after  completion. 

3) Streamline does not charge your credit card until we're working on your case..You pay as you go and you can cancel anytime. Make credit repair a priority.

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About Us

Why Repair Credit?

The statistics are staggering how many people suffer from bad credit problems. Millions, with that number growing because of the economy,are actually using credit to keep their heads above water. This is a losing strategy that only results in them losing nearly everything they have as the debt rise pulling them under making it nearly impossible to recover. 

How It Works

We provide our clients with a private assessment. A free credit report from all three bureaus Equifax ,Transunion  and Experian. Free credit report audit  on all your accounts. Free score evaluation and recommended solution. We contact creditors on your behalf, sending documentation back and forth, and more. We have been trained on recent laws, statutes, and credit reporting practices. We also know what items on your report affect your score the most. 

Why Us?

We make sure our clients receive the best results. We can receive results any where from two weeks up to 30 days. A low credit score can keep you from the things you want. But did you know a low credit score can impact a lot more than just financing? Do the best thing you can do for your future. Call us today and let our experience save you time, money, and frustration.

We Care Streamline!!

Preventing credit card mistakes

Things to remember keep receipts and keep track of your billing statement, identity theft is high. Paying your bills on time is 35% of your credit score and missed payments can decrease 30 to 50 points depending on your score. Beware of paying your bill to early this usually happen when you send your credit card payment before your closing date.That payment can result to the payment being applied to the current month. Many credit card computer software expect payments between the closing date and due date. Paying off a high balance credit card can results to your credit score increasing up to a 100 points.

Remember high utilization can reduce you score by 10 to 30 points monthly

Each month you will receive a statement that will detail the transactions you've made, the total outstanding balance you have and any interest you're accruing. While you're only required to pay a minimum repayment each month (2-3% of your total balance). It's best to pay as much as you can. If you pay your entire balance in full, you can usually take advantage of up to 55-interest -free days in the next statement period. If you don't pay your balance in full, the remainder will start accruing interest. If you miss the minimum repayment, you could be charged late payments fees and result in your credit score dropping 30 to 50 points.

Client Satisfaction!

Streamline Credit Repair create and optimize plan based specifically on your needs and customize to your unique credit situation. All our clients is a priority when it comes to processing credit reports and dispute letters. You will have access to a credit repair specialist. Our cross analysis of personnel updates make it easy for you to track your progress. We provide all clients with a log in password that allow our clients to check their progress 24- hours on line access to your account so that you are able to check your progress at any time.

Obtaining Credit Reports

We periodically keep you informed on the changes being made to your credit report and score. Many clients has been faced with dealing with fraudulent information being place on their credit report doing this process. We make sure doing the process of removing negative items we aware of your credit increases and changes doing duration of repairing your credit. 

You will be able to obtain all three credit reports through, "IDENTITY IQ"  This link will provide you with complete instructions how to obtain your credit report. We advise all clients to consider credit monitoring doing this process. This allow you to see any new negative information doing the process. For "FREE CONSULTATION" fill out the form below. If you looking to join the program you will be sent a contract and a log in password. "YOU MUST OBTAIN YOUR CREDIT REPORT FROM HERE."  

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